EDEN Eco Village


Eden Eco Village - Kampot, Cambodia - Looking out from the bungalowImmerse yourself in nature!

Bask in sunshine and gentle breezes, join a relaxing yoga class overlooking the river, gaze at breathtaking views, swim in sparkling phosphorescent waters, and dream to soft natural night sounds.

Take a trip across the river in a tiny motorless ferry boat and wander amongst the fireflies at night.


Eden is nestled in an ethnic Cham fishing village just North of Kampot City, Cambodia where you can hear the call to prayer, visit a mosque, and enjoy homemade Halal food provided in our menu. To view a map of the area, please click here.

English; +855 974 836 369           Khmer; 097 295 7955


Support Local Economy

Book directly through our website and your travel dollars will go entirely into the pockets of tourism staff, farmers, and local market vendors who are struggling to improve their lives.